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Do you have a case to fit a ___?

Calzone has a case to fit anything and everything that you need to ship. Calzone designs and builds its cases around your product. So the case fits your product like a glove.

How much is a ___?

Since all cases are designed around the equipment, pricing depends on what you require of the case (i.e. just shipping, product usable in case, etc.). Calzone’s network of dealers and inside sales department can quote you a price on whatever you need.

Do you have the measurements of a ___ or do I have to measure it?

Calzone’s research and development staff working together with our countless representatives and dealers have compiled an extensive list of measurements. With our extensive relationships with manufacturer of various equipment, our list includes products that have just been released to the public. If we do not have the measurements at Calzone, our representative or dealers will make every effort to get the dimensions of your product without having to bother you.

How long does it take to get my case?

Depending on production schedule it typically takes about 10-14 working days for your case to be manufactured.

How much does my case weigh?

Case weight depends on many factors, construction (thickness of wood), options (casters, table legs, etc.).

Are options included in the cost of the case?

No. Case options, i.e., casters, locks, shipping plates, rear rack rails, table legs, tie downs, etc., must be added to the cost of the case.

Can I have my company name stenciled on the case?

Yes. Please Specify up to 4 lines. Custom silk-screened logos are available for an additional cost.

Issues to Consider When Designing Your Custom Case
  • Do you need an accessory compartment in your case?
  • Are casters needed?
  • What type (standard or heavy duty)? (EZ-Haul Option)
  • Will you need to lock up your case? Hasp lock, key lock, or combo lock?
  • Portability. Is there an outside dimensional restriction? How will you be transporting the case? Car, van, plane, truck?
  • What style rack mount case is required.
    1) shock mount/Front & Rear Removable Lid
    2) POC Tray Bottom Lift Top.
  • How deep does your rack shell need to be?
  • Does you equipment require rear mount support? Rear rack rails must be considered.
  • Plywood thickness. Our standard plywoods are 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″.
  • A rainbow of colors are offered. Please consult your design specialist for availability.
This is only a partial list of questions to consider when designing a custom case. Please allow your design specialist to guide you through the order process.