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The Calzone Case Co. has been manufacturing cases since the mid 1970′s. With roots in the Rock & Roll business, the company and product line have branched out into virtually any and all markets imaginable. A family organization with one goal:¬†“To build the highest quality custom case in the world, at a fair price with on time delivery”. The same care and consistency is placed on each product¬†manufactured. No matter the application, be it for the local musician traveling to his gig or the tactical deployment of military equipment in a life-threatening environment, Calzone builds a product you can depend upon.

Drummer turned entrepreneur Joe Calzone founded the Calzone Case Company over a quarter of a century ago in Norwalk, Connecticut. Along with brother Vin, they embarked on a mission to build the highest quality cases in the music business. Within seven years they had grown the business to a size whereby they outgrew two manufacturing facilities. In January 1983 they relocated into a thirty thousand square foot building in Bridgeport, Connecticut. This location currently serves as the corporate headquarters as well as a manufacturing facility for Calzone Cases.

In March 1985, Calzone acquired its first competitor based in Dallas, Texas. Since the acquisition this location has moved three times currently occupying a fifteen thousand square foot facility in Carrollton, TX, a suburb of Dallas. This was the first step in their expansion westward.

In July 1990, Calzone acquired Excalibur Cases located in Burbank, California. This acquisition gave Calzone a West Coast presence. The groundwork was in place for their ultimate challenge.

In a bold “David and Goliath” scenario, the Calzone Case Company purchased the “industry leader”, Anvil Cases in May 1996. Over five decades ago the company that is now Anvil revolutionized shipping by innovative designs in the manufacturing of reusable transit containers. As a result of their groundbreaking developments they became the icons in their industry. Asking for an Anvil case was like asking for a “Kleenex” or a “Coke.”

Calzone’s acquisition of Anvil Cases from the ZERO Corporation, a publicly held company, doubled the size of the combined Calzone Companies. This combination would comprise the nucleus of the largest fabricated case manufacturer in the world. Economies of scale purchasing, combined databases of case designs and a stronger national support team all contributed to achieving the goal set by the company founder: “To build the highest quality custom case in the world, at a fair price with on-time delivery.”

Manufacturing and customer service facilities are located in Bridgeport, Connecticut, Dallas, Texas and City of Industry, California. The combined strengths of three dealer networks, purchasing and the interchange of more than a half-century of design information strengthened each location. Improved IS systems were also implemented to assure that the business of doing business became much more fluid and seamless.

We are proud of our accomplishments during the past twenty-five years. We are also very proud of our well-trained and committed personnel without whom we could not respond to our customers’ needs as they are justified in expecting the largest and best to do so.