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The Smart Way to Transport and Protect

Calzone Case Company is recognized worldwide as the industry leader in protective case manufacturing with over 40 years of experience. Our cases save you time and money, and protect your valuable exhibits for years of travel.

Protect Your Assets

  • Tough Calzone Cases securely protect your exhibit during all phases of transport, from load out to load in
  • Protection during indoor storage and periods of inactivity
  • Protection of in-museum assets, such as audio and video equipment

Easy Load In & Out

  • Works like a Rock show: quick, efficient, and easily staged
  • Less work than using shrink wrapped skids
  • Fewer trucks and less cost
  • Items easily segregated and identified with case stenciling
  • Ergonomically better on workers

Efficient Transport

  • Case stacking and easy packing means fewer trucks and less cost
  • Minimize handling, labor costs, and drayage
  • Maximize storage capacity
  • Stay on schedule with expedient load in & out capabilities
  • Well orchestrated preparation for transport

Maintain Value

  • Exhibits stay in pristine condition
  • Sustain the intrinsic value of the exhibit for future shows
  • After the initial investment in Calzone Exhibit Cases, savings are immediate and dramatic

Case Tracking

  • The Anvil LoJack/SCI unit allows remote secure case tracking

Made in USA

  • Cases made at any of four Calzone facilities in Connecticut, California, Texas, or Florida.


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