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Foam Fabrication

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At Anvil and Calzone, we take foam very seriously; it's the closest layer of protection around your instruments. And for years, we've treated foam selection and placement as a science, not an afterthought. Many case companies cut corners with insertable pre-cut foam sections, resulting in a case that somewhat protects your investment. Because we are custom case manufacturers, every piece of foam in your case is custom designed for a specific purpose, and your instrument fits exactly.

We have many standard designs available, but whatever your needs, our interior fabrication design team is at your disposal. The most common types of foam used in Anvil Cases and Calzone Cases are Estafoam (polyester), Ethafoam (polyethylene) and Anti-Static. For many years a standard in case design, Estafoam is typically supplied in 2.0 PCF and 3.8 PCF. PCF (pounds per cubic foot) for the 2.0 means that a 12" cube weighing two pounds would require 50-65 pounds of pressure to depress a 4" thick block 1", while the 3.8 PCF requires 60-80 pounds. Ethafoam offers a closed cell design that delivers lighter weight, a pleasing appearance, superior durability and chemical resistance. However, Ethafoam is combustable and should not be exposed to flame. Many times a combination of Etha and Esther foams are used in popular case designs. Finally, our special Anti-Static foams are designed to protect against static discharge. Our Anti-Static Polyethylene extracts static charge from an item and dissipates the charge off the surface of the foam by use of a Surfactant (a chemical applied to foam at time of manufacturing). Our Anti-Static Polyurethane is conductive?carbon filled, designed to extract a static charge and conduct away from the contents.

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