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Calzone offers virtually endless possibilities when it comes to interior design. As a custom manufacturer, we do not limit ourselves, or our customers, to a standard set of rules regarding interior treatments.

We will make your concept a reality with the support of our skilled staff of case designers and interior fabricators, some with over 30 years of experience.

Ester Foam


Anti-Static Foam

Polyester/Ethafoam Combo

Plush Velvet Covered Foam

Carpeted Foam

Many types of foam are available to ensure the proper protection of your valuable equipment. The most common types of foam used in Calzone cases are described below. Please contact us for any special foam requirements.

Polyester Foam Specifications

2.0 PCF(pounds per cubic foot)

  • 2.0 PCF, means, a cubic foot density as follows:

    A 12” cube weighs 2 pounds-it requires 50-65 pounds to depress a 4” thick block 1”

3.8 PCF (pounds per cubic foot)

  • 3.8 PCF, means, a cubic foot density as follows:

    A 12” cube weighs 3.8 pounds-it requires 60-80 pounds to depress a 4” thick block 1”


Anti-Static Foam Specifications


  • To protect against static discharge


  • Polyethylene – anti static

    Designed to extract static charge from an item and dissipate charge off surface of foam by use of a Surfactant (a chemical applied to foam at time of manufacturing)

  • Polyurethane – Conductive

    Carbon filled; designed to extract static charge and conduct away from item


Ethafoam (Polyethylene) Specifications


  • Pleasing appearance
  • Light Weight
  • Flexible
  • Closed cell – water absorption and water vapor transmission rates are very low
  • Tough
  • Durable
  • Chemical resistant – exceptionally resistant to most solvents and other chemicals at room temp. Acids and alkalis normally have no effect
  • Resilient – resists multiple impacts
  • Excellent recovery from shock or strain
  • Returns to shape quickly after impact


  • Combustible and should not be exposed to flame


  • ASTMD-1596

Standard test method for shock absorbing characteristics of Package Cushioning Materials

  • Federal specifications PPP-C-1752B

“Cushioning Material, Packaging, Unicellular Polyethylene foam Flexible”

  • Mil-HDBK-304B

Military Standardization Handbook, Package Cushion Design