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All Calzone Cases are built from the highest quality materials. In order to withstand the grueling abuse endured during transit and ultimately provide proper protection, nothing less will suffice. Cases are constructed using pneumatically machine driven steel split rivets, tapered aluminum edging, zinc plated steel corners, latches and handles. All tongue-in-groove valance extrusions are precisely machined as a matched set for every case. This insures a perfect fit where the lid meets the base. Steel pop-rivets are standard in certain areas where pop-rivets must be used. All hinged lid cases use heavy-duty steel full-length piano hinges. When it comes to building the highest quality, most durable reusable transit cases available, material components cannot and will not be compromised.

  1. ABS, Fiberglass or Aluminum Laminate in choice of colors
  2. ACX grade plywood or XLT-1 Polypropylene wall material (1/4”, 3/8” or 1/2” thickness)
  3. Tapered Aluminum edging and fittings
  4. Aluminum tongue-in-groove valance closures
  5. Split steel rivets driven through edging and wall material every 3 inches
  6. Steel ball or stacking ball corners
  7. Full-length steel piano hinge
  8. Recessed spring loaded twist latches
  9. Recessed spring loaded handles with cushioned grip
  10. Custom fitted polyester or polyethylene interiors